Milk Cheesecake
1 unit: ¥1,836
(tax included)
The deliciousness of milk and cheese of “Milk Cheesecake”, which is the original masterpiece of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. Selected cream cheese from both France and Hokkaido, and high-quality Hokkaido cream and milk are blended into cheese mousse and milk mousse in two layers, which covered with perfectly moist crêpe.
1 unit: ¥1,836 (tax included)
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s assorted gift packs include all of our popular cookies that wrapped in our original design wrapping paper. Make the perfect holiday gift or souvenir for business gift, family or someone special to you.
20 pieces: ¥1,944 (tax included)
30 pieces: ¥2,916 (tax included)
40 pieces: ¥3,888 (tax included)
Freshly-baked cream pie puff is filled with plenty of Hokkaido milk cream.
1 unit: ¥270
5 unit: ¥1,350
A seasonal taste sensation, made from a crispy pie crust, baked in the store oven, filled with honey lemon-flavored cream made from Hokkaido milk, containing a lemon zest-based sauce.
With just one mouthful, the acacia honey-scented cream oozes from the fragrant pie, packed with abundant sauce that combines “lemon curd,”a traditional English-style sour-sweet thick cream, with lemon zest and acacia honey.
1 unit: ¥280
5 unit: ¥1,400
Cow Cow Ice
We serve 3 flavors of soft cream. “Milk” is made with creamy Hokkaido Tokachi Jersey milk. “Cheese” is made with 2 kinds of cream cheese and Hokkaido Gouda cheese with rich taste. “Mix” is the combination of both “Milk” and “Cheese” into a great harmony.
Milk: ¥480
Cheese: ¥500
Mix: ¥500
Delightful drink exclusive to Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory featuring the natural goodness of milk and cheese with flavors of strawberry shortcake or No-bake cheesecake.
Strawberry shortcake: ¥680
Unbaked cheesecake: ¥680