Cow Cow Ice
We serve 3 flavors of soft cream. “Milk” is made with creamy Hokkaido Tokachi Jersey milk. “Cheese” is made with 2 kinds of cream cheese and Hokkaido Gouda cheese with rich taste. “Mix” is the combination of both “Milk” and “Cheese” into a great harmony.
Milk: ¥480
Cheese: ¥500
Mix: ¥500
Cow Cow Ice
“Cow Cow Sundae” is made with selected Hokkaido Jersey Milk and added mascarpone cheese to balance out the rich taste of milk of the premium soft cream. The double-layer “Milk Cheesecake” that covered with perfectly moist crêpe, and our famous “Salt & Camembert Cheese Cookie” are topped on the soft cream.
Milk: ¥450
Cheese: ¥480
Mix: ¥480